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Unit of the Year - Bike Unit

 The Bike Unit surpassed all stated Goals and Objectives The Bike Unit focused on prevention of gym and park burglaries. The unit focused during the summer in unmarked patrol in the parks and gyms. During this period, members had to adjust their schedules to address current crime trends. One of the biggest accomplishments the Bike Unit has is the ability to work and network with all the separate units in the department. With this teamwork many great things were accomplished and exemplified the essence of teamwork. The unit had a total of 35 assists to other units throughout the course of the year.

The unit also assisted Sex Crimes with a potential serial sex offender who was stalking women who were walking in the area of Forrest Hills Blvd. Bike Officers were able to arrest a subject. The victim was able to positively ID the subject as the person who grabbed her.

The unit also assisted the YLO Unit with school releases during the year.
 The High School and Middle school releases have become quite a problem for the department during the year responding to fight calls and disturbances. The Bike Unit conducted 202 separate school releases during the year. They also made 13 arrests during the year for fighting during the releases. Unit members assisted the training unit on several occasions

The bike unit also teamed up with parks and recreation. Each member was responsible for a certain major park. They teamed up with a park ranger at the park to address issues in the parks.

*Year End Statistics:

Arrests School Releases Park Hours Miles Rode
110 202 431 6,492
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