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Luanne Smith-Horton, Lisa Ferm, Judy Kelley, Sandra Dibello-Garcia, Miriam Simon, Ann Marie Malone, Stacie Elinson, Officer Karl James, Officer Kate David, Officer Glenn Roberts, Joann Brown & Patrick Thurman.
The Coral Springs Police Department has been through accreditation five (5) previous times with out issues, even giving our agency "metorious" the last time for continuing with Calea in good standing for 5 consecutive accreditations. Our department has always stood above the rest, but had never been selected for flagship, by Calea. In order to be denoted as a flagship agency, you have to go through the re-accreditation process with out any flaws. This accreditation team took it upon themselves to make sure this status was achieved by dedicating themselves to the process.
Accreditation for the commission of law enforcement agency's (Calea) requires a total of 464 standards be met, showing proof of department policy on ethics, use of force, training, and property and evidence just to list a few. Once the assessors arrived, they were greeted openly not only by the team, but also the agency as a whole. The accreditation team members were able to get each department member to buy into the process and in return everyone was able to show the assessors what qualities CSPD has that reflects our ability to continue to focus on employees and its' citizens.

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