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During the past year, in addition to their normal responsibilities (Patrol, SRT, Training) the K-9 Unit was tasked with accomplishing three significant projects during 2010:

  • In-service Training: beginning in late 2009, members of the K-9 unit worked to develop a training block designed to instruct agency members on their responsibilities and actions during a K-9 track and apprehension. 178 members of the police department attended one of the 18 training blocks provided.
  • K-9 Retirement: the K-9 Unit successfully retired four PSD’s: K-9.
  • K-9 Academies: beginning July 2010, the K-9 unit began seeking 4 viable PSD’s to replace those retiring. A significant responsibility given the K-9 unit was tasked with locating, purchasing and training 80% of the agency's PSD’s. The K-9 unit aggressively identified ways to accomplish this without significant impact to operational performance or service to the community. The K-9 Unit’s efforts and training were validated in December when each new PSD received NAPWDA certification.
The Unit's professionalism during this six-month effort resulted in seamless transitions between training academies and schedule adjustments - ultimately providing well trained, capable and certified PSD’s that will be assets to the agency and community for years to come.

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