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City’s Red Light Camera Program to launch August 15

Starting August 15, the City of Coral Springs will be activating the red light safety camera program. During the initial 30-day warning period, violators will receive warning notices in lieu of actual fines. Starting September 14, notices of violations will be issued in the amount of $158.

The program is designed to deter drivers from running red lights and reduce serious traffic collisions. The locations were selected after a recommendation from the Coral Springs Police Department based on the increasing number of violations and severity of collisions.

The active intersections include:

· Southbound at University Drive and Riverside Drive

· Northbound and Southbound at University Drive and Ramblewood Drive

· Northbound and Southbound at University Drive and Shadow Wood Blvd.

· Northbound at University Drive and Royal Palm Blvd.

· Eastbound at Sample Road and Riverside Drive

All camera-monitored intersections will have signage in place to help remind drivers that red light cameras are in use.

A violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection and crosses the stop line after the light has turned red. When a moving vehicle is detected during a red signal phase, the safety camera initiates the capture of two digital images and a video clip. Potential violations will be reviewed by the City's vendor and then by a Coral Springs Police officer who was trained in Red Light Camera Traffic Enforcement. If approved, a Notice of Violation will be mailed to the vehicle's registered owner. Notices will not result in points being assessed to drivers' licenses. The registered owner will have 30 days from the mail date to pay the $158 fine or file an affidavit denying commission of the violation, which may require providing necessary documentation. If the notice is not paid within 30 days, the Coral Springs Police Department will escalate the notice to a Uniform Traffic Citation and transfer it to the Broward County Clerk of Courts and the cost will increase to a minimum of $263.

A study by the Federal Highway Administration shows red light cameras had a significant effect in reducing dangerous crashes, including serious right-angle collisions. Vehicles running red lights typically increase speed and can cause high-speed, side-door collisions resulting in serious injury and death. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that half of the people killed in red-light running crashes are not the signal violators. They are drivers and pedestrians hit by red-light runners. Making the decision to stop at monitored intersections and all intersections will help keep motorists safe and free from costly fines.

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