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Coral Springs Police release vehicle burglary prevention tips

As part of the Coral Springs Police Department’s “Make a Call, Make a Difference” program, the department is seeking the community’s assistance in preventing vehicle burglaries.
Residents can take the following crime prevention measures to decrease their chances of becoming a victim:

· Close all windows, lock all the doors, and take the keys with you.
· Never hide a second set of keys anywhere on your vehicle. Criminals know where to look.
· Never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running.
· Do not leave anything of value inside your vehicle. This includes your wallet, purse, cell phone, radar detector, laptop computer, removable CD player, CDs, garage door openers, etc. All criminals know to look under the seats and in the glove box.
· Do not leave your social security card or number in your wallet. This number makes it very easy for a criminal to steal your identity.
· Activate any anti-theft devices you have any time you leave your vehicle, including steering wheel locking devices, alarms, kill switches, etc.
· Do not leave anything of value in the trunk, unless you deactivate the interior trunk release button. Also, place your items in the trunk before you arrive at your destination.
· Park in well-lighted areas. Avoid parking next to vans or larger vehicles, which could easily conceal a criminal’s presence.
· Don’t leave your original registration in the vehicle. File it in your wallet. If there is more than one driver, make a copy of the registration for each driver to keep in his or her wallet.
· Never leave the car’s title inside your vehicle.
· Please report any suspicious persons or incidents to the Police Department immediately by calling 954-344-1800.

If your vehicle is burglarized, do not touch or go through the vehicle as any evidence left behind may be contaminated. Call the police as soon as possible. Always dial 911 in an emergency. For non-emergencies, call the Police Department at 954-344-1800. Be sure to notify the appropriate credit card agencies and banks if credit cards, checks, or bank cards are stolen. If a cell phone is stolen, notify the billing company and have the phone number deactivated.

For more information about crime prevention, contact the Community Involvement Unit at 954-344-1833 or 954-344-1835.

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