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02-15-2012 Firefighters to Reunite with the Victims They Saved

Coral Springs- An awards ceremony this week in Coral Springs will likely be the
most emotional one to date. Each year, members of the Coral Springs Fire Department
are recognized for their heroism and service to the community. Once in a while they are
able to be reunited with someone they saved. This year, eight separate families will be in
attendance to reunite, for the first time, with the people who changed their lives forever.
A firefighters’ job is one that requires intense training and dedication, often with
little or no reward. The only reward that can sometimes be offered is a meeting with the
people who they helped. This meeting can be the most rewarding experience of a
firefighters’ career.
Fire Chief Mark Curran said, “It’s going to be an honor for me to present these
awards to our firefighters, I am so proud of them and the work they have accomplished”.

Scheduled to attend and meet their rescuers are:
• A man impaled by an object
• The family of a two month old child who was clinically dead but was revived by
• A victim of a traffic crash that died while enroute to the hospital who was revived
by firefighters
• The family of a baby who was delivered at home by firefighters
• A victim trapped inside of a car who was extricated from the mangled wreckage
then transported with life threatening internal injuries
• The family of a one-year-old child who drowned in the family pool. The child
was not breathing and had no pulse. Firefighters revived the child who is now
deficit free.

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