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Life Saving Commendation, Emergency Call Taker, Cecelia Jorgenson, Officer Paul Reid and Officer James Horne

Emergency Call Taker Jorgenson received a frantic 911 call from a male caller stating that he found the 15-month old baby he was babysitting face down in the swimming pool. Cecelia quickly input the call and immediately began to instruct the caller on how to administer CPR on the baby. Officers Reid and Horne arrived on scene to find the baby unresponsive and without a pulse. As such they immediately continued CPR on the infant. When EMS personnel arrived on scene they were able to detect a heartbeat, pulse and faint breathing. The baby was able to be transported to CSMC where it was able to receive advanced medical attention. If it had not been for the swift action of Emergency Call Taker Jorgenson, Officer Reid and Officer Horne this baby may not have had a chance at survival.

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