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Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation, Criminal Investigations Specialist, Kelli Fanelli

In early 2012 Specialist Fanelli was contacted by a Detective from Dover, Delaware to assist in identifying a Coral Springs female resident with active bank fraud warrants for purposes of extradition to Delaware. As the suspect resides in our City, Specialist Fanelli took it upon herself to undertake additional research to ensure the woman was not connected to any additional incidents on file. As a result of her research she found that the suspect in question is on file with our agency as having reported her purse and its contents stolen in late 2011. The suspect also reported that the thief attempted to remove $20,000 from her bank account. Being well versed in felony-lane style activity, Specialist Fanelli was able to deduce that the purse thief actually impersonated the victim in attempt to commit bank fraud in Delaware causing the victim to be assigned multiple bank fraud warrants. Further investigation revealed that the suspect (actually the victim) was not even in Delaware on the dates in question making it impossible for her to have committed the attempted bank fraud. As a result of Specialist Fanelli’s diligent investigative work she was able to contact the Delaware Detective and get the victim’s name cleared and the active warrants removed from the computer system.

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