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Voters elect new Mayor and City Commissioner
On Tuesday, November 6, Coral Springs voters elected a new Mayor, re-elected two Commissioners, and elected one new Commissioner. The swearing in ceremony was held Friday, November 16, where Mayor Roy Gold passed on his city responsibilities to his successor, Vince Boccard. Boccard will serve two years as Mayor. Current City Commissioners Larry Vignola and Tom Powers ran unopposed and took oaths to serve four more years. Commissioner Daley was elected to serve the remaining two years of Boccard’s Commission seat. Commissioner Claudette Bruck’s term continues through November 2014. “This has been a long journey and I’m excited to be the new Mayor,” Mayor Boccard said. “I love what I do and it’s really an honor and privilege to be elected Mayor of this fine City.” “It’s an honor and privilege to represent my hometown. I’m ready to get to work,” Commissioner Daley said. “I’m very excited about the future and look forward to the next 50 years. Our residents will receive the same level of service that our predecessors have provided,” Vice Mayor Powers said. “I’m humbled to be on the Commission for another four years and hope to continue to work hard and move the City forward,” Commissioner Vignola said. “I’m eager to work closely with our newly elected Mayor and Commissioners to move our City forward on issues of importance to our residents,” Commissioner Claudette Bruck added. Boccard will preside over his first City Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 20.
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