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Lifesaving Commendation – Officers Garret Gerlock & Bob Cherry
On August 30th of last year Officers Gerlock and Cherry were dispatched to a possible burglary in-progress where the suspect severely lacerated his arm on broken glass. Upon arriving Officer Gerlock observed the suspect violently resisting Officer Cherry, visibly making attempts to punch the officer. He assisted Officer Cherry in restraining the suspect and in doing so quickly recognized that the bleed was severe enough to need immediate attention. Despite his condition the suspect continued to attempt to battle the officers. Understanding the severity of the situation due to the extreme loss of blood by the suspect Officer Gerlock quickly retrieved his department issued tourniquet kit while Officer Cherry continued efforts to restrain the suspect. Without regard for their own safety or concern about the blood they were being exposed to, the two officers effectively restrained the combative subject and rendered the necessary aide to save the man’s life. It was later determined that the man was experiencing a psychotic episode and was not charged with any crime. The Fire Lt. on-scene noted that had it not been for the efforts of these three officers the man would have died on scene.
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