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Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation – Officer Camille Dumornay, Officer Jon Banke, Officer Gil Monzon & Officer Tyler Reik
Officer Monzon responded to a call in reference to business burglaries that occurred. Officer Monzon reviewed surveillance tape and identified a suspect with distinct tattoos and clothing features. A silver Mitsubishi Eclipse was also identified as connected to the suspect. Officer Monzon shared this information with his Officer Dumornay and Officer Banke, at which time they re-reviewed the surveillance tape and took still photos with their IPhones from the video. Later that same shift Officers Banke and Dumornay responded to another business burglary. The victim shared that he saw a suspicious person in front of his store as he was locking up. The description provided matched that of the suspect from earlier business burglary surveillance videos. At the same time Officers Monzon and Reik advised Officer Banke that Margate recently dispersed a BOLO with PC for a suspect that drives a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse and matches the description of their suspect. Deducing by the nature of the crimes that the suspect may have an addiction problem, the officers next drove to areas frequented by drug users. They quickly located the suspect vehicle and enlisted the assistance of Margate PD in conducting surveillance and safely take the suspect into custody. The suspect gave consent to search his room and vehicle at which time items were located that connected him to the burglaries earlier that day.
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