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Supervisor of the Year – Sgt. Glen Dorow
n October of 2011 a proposal was presented to former Chief Duncan Foster to form a unit specifically designed and narrowly focused on combating burglaries. The mission of the unit would be to take a proactive approach to prevent, deter and apprehend burglars. Chief Foster allowed the formation of the BEAR Unit on a temporary basis and the unit was given a period of time to show its worth. Sgt. Dorow was chosen over an impressive field of gifted supervisor candidates to head the temporary unit. With no officers, no budget, no equipment, no vehicles and no work space, Sgt. Dorow turned what was essentially a theory, into reality. While still assigned to Road Patrol Sgt. Dorow gathered resources to get the Unit off of the ground. Much of this the time he spent establishing the Unit was on his own time. And, while Sgt. Dorow was given a strong group of officers to work with, most had little investigative experience requiring extra mentoring and training on Sgt. Dorow’s part. Ultimately, under Sgt. Dorow’s direction the Unit made such a significant impact on departmental operations that in less than one year it was determined that the BEAR Unit would become a permanent fixture within the Coral Springs Police Department. Furthermore, the City of Coral Springs completed the year down approximately 7.8% in residential burglaries. The work of the BEAR Unit played a significant role in that reduction. Sgt. Dorow has demonstrated exemplary service to the Coral Springs Police Department throughout his career and especially during this last year.
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