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City seeks new Code Rangers to help keep Coral Springs beautiful

The Code Compliance Division goal is to gain vol­untary compliance for violations. Since 2009, the City has trained volunteers as Code Rangers to help keep Coral Springs looking beautiful.

Trained Code Rangers are assigned to inspect neighborhoods for common violations. Rangers leave a door hanger identifying the violation. Violations not corrected are given to the Certified Code Compliance Officer and a courtesy notice is sent to the property owners asking them to correct the violation.

Some common violations Code Compliance looks for are discolored roofs, overgrown lawns, accessory screening to cover trash cans, air conditioning units and pool pumps, missing landscaping such as foundation shrubs, street trees and trash and debris left out before pick-up days.

"Most people are happy to see the Rangers patrolling their neighborhoods to eliminate abandoned and rented domiciles causing neighborhoods to deteriorate,” Senior Code Ranger Ted Mena said. “The volunteer Code Rangers have exceeded all expectations in helping the City with code compliance issues.”

Since the inception of the program, the Code Rangers have received over 80 percent compliance rate. The program is focused on improving the appearance and safety of our neighborhoods.

“Being a code ranger has been a very interesting and rewarding experience. Seeing the community become beautiful from all the hard work we put into volunteering is very rewarding,” Code Ranger Steve Brickman added.

If you are interested in becoming a Code Ranger, please call 954-344-5961.

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