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Undercover VIN Detective and Undercover VIN Detective – Lifesaving Commendation
On September 4th, while driving an unmarked vehicle on a heavily traveled portion of Sample Road, The Detectives observed a 75-year old woman deliberately roll her wheelchair into oncoming traffic in an attempt to commit suicide. Despite her vehicle not being equipped with safety lights, The Detective immediately strategically positioned her vehicle to block traffic and the second Detective ran into the street to assist. Upon approaching the woman, the Detective identified himself at which time she began to yell at the Detective and violently hit him in an attempt to prevent him from rolling her to safety. Despite the verbal and physical onslaught the Detective was able to roll the woman to safety. The Detectives acted quickly, disregarding their own safety in order to save not only the woman’s life, but to ensure the safety of driver’s in the vicinity. It is for this reason they are being awarded the Lifesaving Commendation.
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