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Officer Jason Deluca – Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation
In January of 2013 Officer Deluca responded to a possible residential burglary where server pieces of jewelry were missing but there was no sign of forced entry. Upon interviewing the victims, Officer Deluca determined that a family member with a history of theft that had access to their home may be responsible. A few days after taking the report the victim was able to provide Officer Deluca was a bill of sale she found indicating that the suspect sold items to a gold buying store in our City. Armed with this information Officer Deluca was able to locate the items and confirm that they were in fact pawned for $469.77. He was able to get the suspect to identify herself and obtained a number of incriminating statements. Despite the fact the suspect lived in North Florida, Officer Deluca tirelessly worked this case for two months and ultimately was able to complete all of the necessary steps to file the case. It is for this reason he is being awarded the Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation
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