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Officer Daniel Lombardo – Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation
On April 26th a vehicle burglary occurred in Jaycee Park. While no one witnessed the burglary, the victim did state the presence of a suspicious looking charcoal gray Dodge vehicle in the area. Knowing that it is common for burglars to commit the same crime in other parks, Officer Lombardo immediately went to multiple city parks, in search of the suspect vehicle, ultimately locating it in Mullins Park. The vehicle was occupied by two individuals sitting, unusually motionless in the passenger compartment. Upon running the tag, he determined that the vehicle was registered to a rental company; a known method of operation utilized by burglars. Knowing that his case would strengthen if he personally observed the occupants of the vehicle in the act of a burglary, he covertly watched the suspect vehicle from his unmarked unit while he called in marked units to assist. Prior to the arrival of marked Units the suspect vehicle left Mullins Park at a high rate of speed. While sight of the vehicle was lost for a few minutes marked Units made contact and a traffic stop was initiated without incident. Upon making contact with the vehicle Officer Lombardo identified a strong odor of cannabis within the vehicle. Search of the vehicle revealed a window punch tool as well as a credit card, driver’s license and five personal checks of the victim from the original vehicle burglary that occurred in Jaycee Park expertly hidden underneath the front seats between the frame and foam seat cushion. Due to Officer Lombardo’s diligence in seeking out the suspect vehicle this case was solved and there is no doubt that additional burglaries were thwarted. It is for this reason Officer Lombardo is being awarded the Exceptional Police Initiative Award.
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