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Sergeant VIN Unit & Detective VIN Unit – Exceptional Police Initiative
On May 22nd, The Detective was assigned by the VIN Sergeant to conduct overnight surveillance on a drug supplier’s residence in which a search warrant was going to be executed at the following day. While conducting the surveillance The Detective observed a vehicle park in the parking lot of a closed business in the immediate vicinity. The Detective then observed the two males, dressed in dark clothing walk over to the City Center Apartment complex entering via a hole in the fence, bypassing the complex’s security gate. Fearing for the personal safety of the residents and their property, The Detective contacted dispatch while continuing to watch the suspects. After several minutes, the suspects returned to their vehicle and exited the area. The Detective was able to provide a description of the suspects and direction of travel as patrol units responded and conducted a traffic stop of the suspects. During the traffic stop 2 handguns were recovered. One of the handguns was stolen during a vehicle burglary within our City. Additionally, cocaine, MDMA, LSD, cannabis, drug paraphernalia and a ski mask were recovered. The defendants admitted to ownership of the drugs and one defendant admitted to knowing that the handgun in his possession was stolen during a burglary. Moreover, both defendants admitted to going to the City Center Apartment Complex to steal money and drugs from the same drug supplier under surveillance by The Detective. Patrol Officers in a manner that did not compromise the ensuing search warrant ultimately allowing for the arrest of a major drug supplier, without incident. As a result of The VIN Sergeant’s strategic oversight and The Detective’s exceptional investigative skills, a felony arrest was made, three CSPD cases were cleared and a stolen firearm was recovered. It is for these reasons they are being awarded the Exceptional Police Initiative Award
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