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Officer Chad Whittington – Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation
Upon arriving at work on April 28th Officer Whittington began to read the ‘Hot Sheet’ to review incidents that occurred while he was off the preceding day. He quickly noticed that the description of a suspect identified as possibly committing a burglary, petty theft and grand theft auto at a local restaurant exactly matched the description of a subject he had encountered and completed a Field Interview with on his last work shift. Confident that the person he interviewed on the 26th was the same suspect described in the crimes occurring on the 27th, he proceeded to the business where the crimes occurred and reviewed their surveillance recording, at which time he was able to confirm that the suspect was in fact the same individual he interviewed. Armed with the accurate identity of the suspect, Officer Whittington was able to determine that his last known residence was in Palm Beach County. He then engaged members of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office to respond to the area, where they found the stolen vehicle as well as two individuals who personally knew the suspect. The two acquaintances advised the officer that the suspect had admitted to them that he had in fact burglarized the restaurant and stole the vehicle in question. The two individuals then proceeded to direct officers to a local convenience store where the suspect attempted to use the victim’s credit cards. At that location the Officers were able to locate the victim’s car keys and credit card in the bushes next to the business. As a result of Officer Whittington’s diligence and savvy detective work, a habitual criminal was able to be accurately identified and charged with Burglary, Petty Theft, Grand Theft Auto and Credit Card Fraud. It is for this reason Officer Chad Whittington is being awarded the Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation.
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