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Detective Nick Iarriccio – Distinguished Service Award

Detective Iarriccio began his career with the Coral Springs Police Department in 1988. He currently serves as the department’s task force officer assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Throughout his 25 year career Detective Iarriccio has served in a multitude of assignments where his contributions and achievements led to the growth and success of the Coral Springs Police Department and the City of Coral Springs. While time would not allow for an entire chronicle of his work history, here are a few highlights.

In 1990, Detective Iarriccio and retired Detective Bruce Goldstein became CSPD’s first Bicycle Patrol Officers. From 1994 to 1998 he was assigned to the General Investigations Unit where he presented the department’s first RICO case relative to criminal gang activity. While in the Detective Bureau he was named Officer of the Quarter by Women in Distress and “Officer of the Year” by the Broward Domestic Violence Coalition as a result of his exceptional effort in training officers on how to address cases relative to domestic violence against women. In 1998 Detective Iarriccio moved on to the Crimes Against Persons Unit. While in CAPS, Detective Iarriccio was able to clear two cold case homicides. He also served on the State Attorney’s Office Domestic Violence Committee and was the coordinator for the multi-Jurisdictional cold case homicide meetings. Detective Iarriccio was able to solve multiple high-profile murder cases that were cleared by arrest. Detective Iarriccio also received a commendation from the State Attorney’s Career Criminal Unit for his investigation and arrest of a suspect in an Armed Kidnapping and Armed Robbery case in which the suspect was a career criminal by the age of 17. As a result of Detective Iarriccio’s investigation, the suspect was sentenced to life in prison.

In 2007, Detective Iarriccio was assigned to the FBI’s JTTF. While working with the VIN Unit, Detective Iarriccio conducted a drug trafficking investigation on the activities of a suspect that due to Detective Iarriccio’s investigation was arrested for cocaine trafficking, disrupting the mid-level sales of cocaine throughout the City’s “four zone”. In 2009 Detective Iarriccio cultivated a confidential informant that provided information on a drug trafficking organization (DTO) that was operating in Coral Springs, Orlando, and Arizona. With the information provided by Detective Iarriccio, members of the VIN Unit were able to seize a total of 492 pounds of marijuana and approximately $325,000.00. Detective Iarriccio received a Commendation from the Director of the FBI for his leadership during operation “Cedar Sweep”. Detective Iarriccio was a team leader on an 18 month investigation that led to the indictment of 28 individuals who were supplying a DTO with cut to mix with cocaine they were distributing throughout the United States. Detective Iarriccio was placed in charge of all controlled purchases of cut and other drug paraphernalia during this investigation. Finally, in 2011 Detective Iarriccio was assigned as the JTTF’s resident expert on the Liberation Tigers Tamil Elam (LTTE). His responsibilities included conducting “Top Secret” briefings and providing training to members of JTTF. In short, the requirements for the Distinguished Service Award are, more than 15 years of service, 75% commendable evaluations, and significant contributions and achievements towards the progression, growth and success of the Department. Detective Iarriccio has far exceeded these qualifications, through his exceptional work and outstanding representation of the department and the city. It is for these reasons he is being awarded one of our department’s highest honors, the Distinguished Service Award.

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