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On Wednesday, December 18, the City Commission unanimously approved the second reading of Ordinance 2013-127 amending the City Code regarding “Solicitors, Canvassers, Peddlers, and Itinerate Vendors.” The Ordinance prohibits anyone from soliciting, requesting donations, or advertising in the medians at intersections determined to be unsafe for these activities.

As Police Chief Pustizzi pointed out at a recent Commission meeting, a motorist traveling at 40 miles per hour needs 140 feet to recognize the need to brake, apply the brake, then come to a complete stop. If someone slipped off the median in one of the major intersections, in all likelihood the motorist would be forced to make the unenviable choice of striking the fallen solicitor or swerving into traffic to miss the fallen person thereby causing an accident. The City Commission, therefore, felt this action was necessary to protect the traveling public as well as those soliciting from the medians.

City staff has analyzed each of the major roads within the City and determined that certain roads pose the greatest threat to the public safety and the free flow of traffic in connection with the activities of right-of-way canvasser or solicitors. The presence of right-of-way canvassers or solicitors at the roads specified herein creates an inherently dangerous condition that threatens the health, safety, and welfare of pedestrians and the passengers and operators of motor vehicles alike.

The City Commission of the City of Coral Springs deems it to be in the best interests of the residents, and those who travel through the City, to prohibit right-of-way solicitors and canvassers on certain major streets located within the City at the following intersections:

  • Royal Palm Blvd & University Drive
  • Atlantic Blvd & University Drive
  • Riverside Drive & University Drive
Sample Road Intersections
  • Sample Road & University Drive
  • Sample Road & 441
  • Sample Road & Riverside Drive
  • Sample Road & Coral Springs Drive
  • Sample Road & Coral Ridge Drive
  • Sample Road & Rock Island Road
  • Sample Road & NW 62nd Street
Wiles Road Intersections
  • Wiles Road & University Drive
  • Wiles Road & 441
  • Wiles Road & Riverside Drive
  • Wiles Road & Coral Springs Drive
  • Wiles Road & Coral Ridge Drive
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