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Department Recognition Dinner Narrative - May 2014

In 2012 the City Commission approved funding for the purchase of new police uniforms. The members listed served on the Uniform Committee, tasked with researching, testing and making a recommendation to Chief Pustizzi for the new uniforms.

Led by Deputy Chief Parry, the group interacted with at least fourteen vendors of law enforcement apparel to source viable options. They met on countless occasions to narrow down options and test various clothing pieces. Knowing the inherent commitment of adopting a new uniform the committee spent over a year, meeting 30 times, in order to identify the best all-around uniform option for our department.

After recommending and receiving approval for the new uniform, the committee moved on to the task of redesigning our department patch. The committee searched for patches from numerous vendors and reviewed many designs before consensus was obtained on our new patch design.

It should be noted that not only did these members review, test and evaluate uniforms they also facilitated the sizing, ordering and fitting for all of our officers. Equipping 205 officers with new uniforms was a huge undertaking. As a result of this team’s efforts we bettered both the morale and image of our agency.

Even more impressive is that several local agencies like the exterior vest incorporated into our new uniform so much that they are switching to the same design. It is for these reasons this group is being awarded an Administrative Service Commendation.

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