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Deputy Chief Shawn Backer, Sgt. Bruce Kozlowski, Officer Scott Mitchell, Officer Arthur King and Range Master Robert Behan

In October of 2012, Range Master Behan submitted a proposal to Sergeant Kozlowski suggesting that Department consider purchasing new Sig Sauer handguns to replace our current handgun inventory. There were several motivating factors for his proposal, including the desire to switch to a new caliber, the cost of maintaining the existing handguns, documented incidents of failures with our handguns and our inability to reliably place lights on the model of handguns in use by the department at the time.

In several meetings these gentleman explored multiple models and accessories, coming to the determination that the P226 and P229 models, as well as the Streamlight TRL-1 light would be the best equipment to serve the needs of our force. Once the proposal was complete and the cost was known, Deputy Chief Backer worked to procure the necessary funding and teamed with the City’s purchasing department to ensure all purchasing protocols were adhered to. He then adjusted his schedule to meet with multiple platoons and units to conduct fit testing for the new weapons and developed a spreadsheet to manage the data.

Deputy Chief Backer also took on the task of updating existing General Orders to reflect the rules and guidelines surrounding the new guns. Once the guns arrived, the Training Unit set an extremely aggressive deadline of training and transitioning all officers to the new gun within a month. As a result of the exceptional training efforts of Bruce, Scott, AJ and Bob this goal was successfully met. It is for these reasons that these members are being awarded an Administrative Service Commendation.

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