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Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation - Purchasing Assistant, Connie Aguilar

In late November, while Connie and her husband where out shopping in their private vehicle, they observed a vehicle slowly rolling through the intersection of Riverside Drive and Sample Road. From her vantage point it appeared to Connie that the driver had passed out at the wheel. Connie’s husband, as well as another citizen, attempted to assist the driver but when they did, he awoke and drove off. Connie quickly called dispatch and relayed the information to them.

In addition, she safely followed the vehicle in order to continue to relay pertinent information to dispatch until an Officer arrived on scene. Upon being pulled over, the investigation resulted in the suspect being arrested on traffic and narcotics violations, as well as forfeiture of the vehicle.

Connie’s past road patrol experience provided her the composure to communicate critical information to our officers that resulted in this dangerous driver being removed from the road. It is for this reason she is being awarded the Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation.

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