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Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Detective Dave Alfin and Detective Jesse Perez
p>While conducting patrol, Detectives Alfin and Perez spotted a suspicious rental car driving throughout the city. They observed the vehicle pull into Kinko’s and two of the three occupants enter the store. Surveillance revealed the two females using the card readers on the public computers to verify the value of large stacks of credit and debit cards they brought into the store. The duo departed and mobile surveillance was continued until the point a valid traffic stop could occur.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the Detectives noted a strong odor of cannabis emanating from the vehicle and numerous credit cards were observed in all parts of the vehicle cabin. Further investigation revealed the car was in fact a rental and the renter was not present. Search of the vehicle and the suspects revealed a total of 170 credit and gift cards, a large credit card encoding machine, two computers, as well as cannabis and cocaine. The totality of the circumstances warranted the arrest of all three suspects.

To further the investigation the detectives enlisted the assistance of the Secret Service in taking statements as well as members of the BEAR Unit. As a team they tirelessly scanned every credit and gift card seized and created a spreadsheet to chronicle the number on the face of the card versus the actual number encoded on card.

Of the 170 cards seized 108 had been recoded. Investigation further revealed that the three suspects had no cash on their person at the time of arrest. They were on their way to Orlando to attend Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights funded solely by the bevy of fraudulent credit cards in their possession. Ultimately, the State Attorney accepted the case and will be charging the trio federally for their crimes. It is for these reasons that these Detectives are awarded an Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation.

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