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Operations Unit of the Year - B.E.A.R. Unit
Sergeant Glen Dorow, Detective(s) Sean Murray, Detective Greg Tony, Detective Jesse Perez, Detective Dwight Hodgson, Detective Cody Jacobs, Detective David Alfin

The BEAR Unit came into existence in 2012 as part of a trial program to make an immediate and dramatic impact on the city’s burglary problem. Having made a significant impact in 2012, the Unit became permanent in 2013 and tasked with the sole purpose of decreasing burglaries within the confines of the city before they extended their reach outward.

BEAR members quickly indoctrinated themselves with the methods of operation utilized by the burglars and swiftly engaged other Units within the department to assist in executing targeted plans to intercept their activities. The BEAR Unit’s impact went beyond the confines of our City. Throughout the year BEAR members assisted multiple agencies in their burglary prevention operations. Each member of the Unit made their own unique contribution to the Unit throughout the year, resulting in the identification of over 2,500 victims and the seizure of over $120,000 in stolen tax returns, $28,000 in cash, $17,000 in stolen property, 250 ounces of marijuana and 15 grams of cocaine.

As a team, they arrested 124 suspects in 2013 of which 72 were burglary, fraud or narcotics related. As a result of this team’s stellar contribution to department burglary mitigation efforts, the residential burglary rate went from 499 incidents in 2012, to 309 in 2013…a 38% reduction! It is for this reason that the BEAR Unit was selected at Operations Unit of the Year for 2013.

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