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Service Unit of the Year – Communications Unit

Telecommunicators- Diana Armistead, Amy Backer, Lisa Bilbao, Debra Brennison, Debra Collins, Stephanie Dorow, Louis Falco, Samantha Fettner, Erin Geiger, Richard Grossman, Jessica Jenkins, Erin Kafka, Maria Kerner, Barry Kolesar, Christopher Mullins, Elliot Nieves, Melissa Raglin, Kimberly Valdez, Hillarey Vullo, Lorry Wiesing
Emergency Call Takers- Laurie Blecker, Elizabeth DiBenedetto, Pamela Green, Cecilia Jorgensen, Karin Niemeyer, and Peter Pisano
Shift Supervisors- Danyel Chin, Carolyn D’Agati, Heidi Frank-Huffer, Katherine Liriano, James Miller, and Patrick Thurman
Technical Coordinator- Thomas Ciampi Communications Administrator- Joann Brown

Under the direction of Communications Administrator, Joann Brown, the Coral Springs Communications Center is comprised of over 35 dedicated Emergency Call Takers, Telecommunicators and Supervisors. During 2013 they were awarded Florida Telecommunicator Unit of the Year by APCO, the largest national association representing public safety communication professionals.

They also became a proud partner of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Throughout the year the Unit assisted in numerous special operations carried out by department units including, 11 Detective Bureau operations, 3 sex offender sweeps, 8 probation sweeps and 16 SWAT warrants. Every member in the Unit averaged over 75 hours of training, far exceeding the unit goal of 40 hours of training per member.

Additionally, the Unit’s overtime usage was reduced from $85,000 in 2009 to just over $69,000 in 2013. As a team, the Unit also far exceeded their goal of routing emergency calls in an average of 15 seconds or less, successfully achieving an average route time of 8 seconds for emergency calls! They also averaged 25 second dispatch times for non-emergency calls, far exceeding the national average of 60 seconds! It is for these and many more examples too numerous to detail that the Communications Unit was selected as Service Unit of the Year for 2013.

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