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Supervisor of the Year – Sergeant Bruce Kozlowski

Sgt. Kozlowski serves as the department’s Training Unit Supervisor. In 2012, under his direction, his Unit earned Unit of the Year in 2012 and he personally earned an Employee Excellence award for his exceptional leadership. Sgt. Kozlowski built upon his success and in 2013, under his guidance; the Training Unit prepared and administered an outstanding round of In-Service training to all sworn members.

In addition to ensuring all department members met FDLE training mandates for the year, he oversaw the department-wide transition to the new Sig Sauer weapons system. He also facilitated the transition and training on new short barreled rifles. Sgt. Kozlowski also serves as the department’s Special Events Coordinator. As Special Events Coordinator, Sgt. Kozlowski coordinated with various city event planning committees, preparing Safety Plans for a number of events including the Half Marathon, Anniversary Block Party and our Town to name a few.

Sgt. Kozlowski also represents the Police Department by sitting on a number of committees focused on services offered to our City’s residents such as the Security Steering Committee and the City Hall Relocation Committee. Bruce’s commitment to these committees required creative planning and scheduling on his part to ensure that his routine duties were handled, deadlines were met and most importantly his participation did not incur overtime to the City.

Despite lack of budget funding Sgt. Kozlowski was able to work with Facilities and Fiscal to cost-effectively make several improvements to the Range in 2013. Sgt. Kozlowski’s efforts have had a positive impact on our department and the community we serve. It is for this reason he was selected as Supervisor of the Year for 2013.

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