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Distinguished Service Award – Fiscal and Accreditation Administrator, Luanne Smith-Horton

Luanne has served the Coral Springs Police Department for over 30 years. She began her career in 1983 as a Communications Dispatcher. She was promoted to a Telecommunicator in 1986 and within 2 years was promoted to Communications Supervisor in 1988. In 1994, after serving in the Communication Center for 11 years, she was named, by then Chief Roy Arigo, to the position of Planning and Research Specialist within the Office of Professional Standards. The very next year she was promoted to Assistant to the Chief. As Assistant to the Chief she took charge of the Agency’s accreditation, budget, policy and grant writing along with supervision of both the Fiscal and the Fleet and Facilities Unit.

Currently, Luanne serves as the department’s Fiscal and Accreditation Administrator. With Luanne at the helm of our last 6 accreditation cycles we have successfully maintained our accreditation status in exceptional standing since our first accreditation in 1988. Furthermore, under Luanne’s direction, in 2010, we received the very coveted “Flagship” standing. Most noteworthy of Luanne’s Accreditation accomplishments came in 2013, when we participated in the first ever dual Gold Standard assessment performed by CALEA. A Gold Standard review is the most intense evaluation offered by CALEA and comes only at the request of an agency’s director. As a result of our successful Gold Standard assessment, we became the only agency in the country to earn Accreditation with Excellence for both Law Enforcement and Communications.

In 2008, Luanne’s resourcefulness was put to the test with budget constraints and restrictions the like of which had never been experienced in our department’s history. Luanne met with supervisors individually to best assist them with budgeting concerns. She also sourced innovative ways to cut operating and equipment costs. It should also be noted that the police budget has consistently come in under or met allotted funding for the duration of Luanne’s time directing the police department’s fiscal activity.

Luanne has been an exemplary employee for the duration of her career as represented by her receipt of the Team Citation Award in 2005, 2010, 2012 and 2013 and Civilian of the Month within 2008 and 2010.  The criteria for the Distinguished Service Award is more than 15 years of service, 75% commendable performance evaluations and significant contribution towards the progression, growth and success of our department. Luanne has far exceeded these criteria. It is for this reason she is receiving the Distinguished Service Award.

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