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Hot Topic: I lost a pet here in the City. What should I do?
The Police Department’s Humane Unit developed a lost pet service that is available online. Photos and details of all the animals found in the City are posted at www.coralsprings.org/lostpets. More...
Hot Topic: Does the City run the sports leagues? Who do I contact for more information?
It’s important to note that each league is run by volunteers and managed by a board of directors, not City staff. More...
Hot Topic: As a resident, can the City provide me with a list of the registered foreclosed homes in our City?
The list of foreclosures throughout Coral Springs acquired through RealityTrac is not a public record, therefore, City staff cannot share this information with residents. More...
Hot Topic: I heard the City Commission approved a new mandate regarding backflow prevention, does that apply to me?
The City Commission amended an ordinance on December 1, 2009, but it only requires that commercial and multi-family properties with three or more units install backflow prevention devices by October 1, 2010.  The action only applies to customers of the City’s Water Utility. More...
Hot Topic: City turns to postcards for water bills
Coral Springs water service customers are now receiving their bills in postcard form as part of an eco-friendly and cost-cutting measure by the Coral Springs Utility Department. More...
Hot Topic: Are there toxins in our canals that are killing the fish?
Some residents have voiced their concerns regarding a large number of fish that have been found dead in some of our local canals. More...
Hot Topic: How many pets is an owner allowed to have in the City?

Per the City’s Code Ordinance, pets shall be limited to three dogs and three cats in each residence, excluding their offspring, which are four months of age or younger.
Hot Topic: Why is Advanced Cable Communications the only cable provider allowed in the City?
The City continues to receive complaints from residents regarding Advanced Cable Communications being the only service provider allowed in the City, but that statement is a myth.  More...
Hot Topic: What is the Coral Springs Police Department doing about prescription drug abuse?
Our residents’ safety and wellbeing are important to City officials. As a result, the Coral Springs Police Department is proactively creating an educational campaign to target and deter the use of illicit prescription drug use within our City. More...
Hot topic: Large golden silk spiders have been spotted around town. Are they venomous?
There is a new visitor in town. Nephila clavipes, also known as the golden silk spider, has made an appearance in Coral Springs but residents shouldn’t worry.  More...
Hot Topic: Can I post yard sale signs throughout the City?
The City prides itself on its aesthetics and keeping our streetscapes clean is a major priority. Therefore, it is code violation to place yard sale signs on light poles, any right-of-way and street medians. More...
Hot Topic: What are the rules regarding removal of animal waste?
According to code 4-5 (b), it is illegal for any person who owns or has control of any animal to let the animal excrete on any area other than those designed for that purpose. More...
Landlord/Tenant Laws
Are landlords supposed to give tenants their deposit back once they move out? More...
Field availability at our Parks
My friends and I are often kicked out park fields because we need a permit. How can we find out field availability, and how do we go about getting a permit? More...
Who is responsible for maintaining pools and properties at homes that are either vacated or foreclosed?
Our Code Enforcement Department receives an updated list from Community Development on a monthly basis that lists all the pre-foreclosures and bank owned properties. From that list, code officers research the properties to see if it has been abandoned and whether the grass is being maintained or has a stagnant pool, broken windows or doors and then send a notification of violation to the property owner. More...
Is there a designated area where a commercial vehicle or boat can be parked?
The City prohibits overnight parking of commercial vehicles, including boats, in residential zones between the hours of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and all day Sunday on a public-right-of-way adjacent to a private property and on private properties. More...
MYTH: The City Commission can put a halt to proposed development projects.
Residents often have concerns about potential businesses moving in next door to them and come to a Commission meeting insisting that the Commission halt the project. It’s a common misconception that the City Commission has the power to stop development, but it’s not the case - private property rights are an important aspect in land development. More...
MYTH: The City is wasting money on employee award and recognition programs.
Effective employee recognition enhances employee motivation and satisfaction, increases employee productivity, and contributes to improved organizational performance. More...
MYTH: No other cable providers are allowed to serve residents in our City.
Although the City has a cable franchise agreement with Advanced Cable Communications, this does not prevent other cable operators from offering their services in Coral Springs. More...
MYTH: I’m being double taxed to pay for the Coral Springs Charter School.
All of the money used to fund the Charter School comes through Broward County Schools, from State of Florida school funding, a requirement of our contract with Charter Schools USA. More...
MYTH: The City is spending my tax dollars for art in public places.
The City does not use tax dollars to fund the public art program, which is actually funded by a fee that developers pay. More...


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