Government Academy



The Government Academy has been postponed until further notice.  

The purpose of the 2015 CORAL SPRINGS GOVERNMENT ACADEMY is to provide residents with 
insight into the unique way in which we approach local government. The Academy is free and is 
available to all residents of the City of Coral Springs over the age of 16.   
Participants will become familiar with local government related issues, which will help in 
fostering potential community leaders by equipping them with essential information to share with 
other residents. Participants will learn about the wide variety of services provided by the City 
and about key areas such as public safety, utilities, development/redevelopment and environmental  concerns. 
The sessions address the complex tasks of running a municipality. During the course of the academy, 
the participants will have the opportunity to meet City Commission members, the City Manager and 
staff and receive overviews of the departments and descriptions of a wide array of City programs 
and services.  Participants will learn ways to get involved with the City.   
The Academy consists of four concise, informative sessions from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.   All 
sessions will be held at a location within the City and dinner will be provided.

Need Additional information? Call Pat Mirabello, Human Resources, 954-344-5907 or emailing her at