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January 2009 Press Releases

January 26, 2009: City plans Annual Community Garage Sale Saturday, March 14 at Mullins Park
January 26, 2009: Coral Springs Mayor & Commissioners’Office Hours for February
January 23, 2009: International artwork installed at City entrance
January 21, 2009: Neighborhood Stabilization Program available for eligible applicants
January 20, 2009: Household Hazardous Waste Collection set for February 8
January 20, 2009: City hosts Community Transit Forum
January 16, 2009: CityTV Channel 25 to televise the Inaugural opening festivities at the Lincoln Memorial
January 14, 2009: Now file for Homestead Exemption at Sartory Senior Center
January 13, 2009: City’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations begin January 15 Media is welcome to interview Keynote Speaker
January 13, 2009: Free Tennis Lessons offered in February
January 13, 2009: City hosts a Teen Political Forum for high school students
January 12, 2009: Now file for Homestead Exemption at City Hall
January 7, 2009: City Commission recognizes locals’ accomplishments
January 6, 2009: Coral Springs offers convenient location for driver’s license replacement
January 6, 2009: Ralleyball registration is now underway
January 6, 2009: City now texts to keep teens in the loop
January 5, 2009: Teen Car Club to host second Car Show
January 5, 2009: Business Success Day to be held March 27
January 5, 2009: City Plans Annual Community Garage Sale Saturday, March 14 at Mullins Park
January 5, 2009: City is seeking pre-teens to get involved in community
January 5, 2009: High School students are encouraged to sign up for UNITOWN 2009
January 2, 2009: City announces Sample Road/Terrapin Lane intersection improvements