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October 2010 Press Releases

October 28, 2010:Fire Academy offers new part-time minimum standards fire course
October 28, 2010: Fire Academy offers Emergency Medical Technician course
October 28, 2010: Donations needed as Giving Tree celebration kicks-off
October 27, 2010: Commission appoints new City Manager
October 26, 2010: Donations needed for Thanksgiving Baskets by November 5
October 26, 2010: US Army Field Band free concert sold out
October 26, 2010: City encourages residents to mentor
October 26, 2010: City to hold special Commission meeting tonight
October 20, 2010: Commission recognizes local organizations and proclaims Mike Levinson Day
October 19, 2010: CSPD’s Seniors and Law Enforcement Together offers seniors seminar on prescription and over the counter drugs
October 18, 2010: City hosts Teen Political Forum for high school students
October 15, 2010: Residents invited to Commit 2B Fit on Mayor’s walk
October 6, 2010: Commission proclaims Florida City Government Week, among other recognitions
October 4, 2010: Coral Springs CRA Approved FY 2011 Budget
October 4, 2010: Coral Springs firefighters wear pink uniforms in support of Breast Cancer Awareness
October 4, 2010: Teens urged to join Student Advisory Council