Humane Unit

The Humane Unit consists of 3 humane officers whose primary responsibility it is to enforce city ordinances, codes and state statutes regarding animal issues. The humane officers respond to citizen complaints regarding animal issues such as stray and injured animals and animal bites. The Humane Unit conducts all care and feeding duties for impounded animals and supervises general maintenance of the retention facility. Humane officers have teamed with the local cable company to air photographs of impounded animals in an effort to unite lost pets with their owners and to find homes for stray animals. Additional information regarding the description of the animals can be found at www.petfinder.org. The members of the Humane Unit may be reached by calling their direct line for non-emergency matters at 954-346-4422 and through the Communications Center for emergencies at (954) 344-1800.

Humane Officers:
Susan Cornett
(954) 346-4422
e-mail: pdsxc@coralsprings.org

Ed Mancini
(954) 346-4422
e-mail: pderm@coralsprings.org

Monica Fedderwitz
(954) 346-4422
e-mail: pdmpf@coralsprings.org

The Humane Unit is within the Special Operations Component and under the command of Captain Bill Floyd. He can be reached at (954) 346-1202 or via e-mail wfloyd@coralsprings.org.