Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Board of Directors


The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a separate legal entity, created under state laws to coordinate activities and implement the redevelopment plan for Downtown Coral Springs. Downtown Coral Springs is approximately 140 acres in the vicinity of the intersection of Sample Road and University Drive. The CRA’s vision is to interdict decline and to facilitate the adaptive and productive reinvention of land uses resulting in a vibrant urban center with pedestrian-friendly mixed-use developments and public amenities through public and private partnerships.

The Board is responsible for preparing and implementing all elements of the City’s redevelopment plan for the downtown Coral Springs project. The Community Redevelopment Agency Board of Directors is an independent legal entity, separate from the City of Coral Springs.

Vacancies: 0


Appointed by the City Commission, the CRA Board consists of seven (7) voting members, each serving a four (4) year term of office.

All board members must reside within Coral Springs city limits or own a business, perform a service for compensation, or serve as an officer or director of a corporation within the area of operation of the agency and the City of Coral Springs.


The Board meets once a month, usually the fourth Monday at 5:30 pm at City Hall (9500 West Sample Road).