Code Compliance

Code Compliance is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of all properties throughout the city. The department gains compliance through communication and education of local rules and ordinances that govern the city.

Department Head


Susan Krisman

Susan Hess Krismanis theDirector of Development Servicesfor the City of Coral Springs. Susan is a proud and dedicated public servant who has served our city for 42 years. She is focused on the success of the city’s overall development and has been involved in multiple city projects, including the creation of 47 of our city parks.

The City of Coral Springs is divided into geographic divisions and each division is assigned to a specific code officer. Code Compliance Officers only monitor properties located within the City of Coral Springs. Locate your neighborhood and code officer.  

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Learn what to expect if you receive a code citation.

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The city ensures the preservation, maintenance and aesthetics of all property throughout the city. All property owners must follow the city's guidelines.