Community Development

Community Development's mission is to promote safe, livable neighborhoods and support economic growth for our residential and business communities. We achieve this through the revitalization of the city's neighborhoods using federal and state funds, encouraging quality aesthetic development through permit and plan reviews, and supporting sustainability efforts throughout the City.

Department Head


Susan Krisman

Susan Hess Krisman is the Director of Development Services for the City of Coral Springs. Susan is a dedicated public servant who has served our city for 43 years. She has been focused on the success of the city’s overall land development plan and aesthetics.

The Comprehensive Plan establishes the goals, policies, and general standards for the management for growth and the delivery of services for the City of Coral Springs. This Plan provides general guidelines for the establishment of more specific standards, ordinances, regulations, procedures, programs, and other tools for the implementation of the policies established in the Comprehensive Plan.

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Every resident plays a role in contributing to climate change and every resident can be part of the solution. The time is right to support practices that will save energy, water and other natural resources for today and for our future.

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The City of Coral Springs offers a variety of housing assistance from the home repair program to rental assistance.

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View neighborhood programs.

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Each property owner constructing a new development, redevelopment or renovating an existing building, that falls under the Public Art Program of Coral Springs, has a significant decision regarding compliance with the public art ordinance.

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The City of Coral Springs commits to addressing the local street/residential roadway related traffic concerns of its residents. The Traffic Management Team (TMT) works with residents to identify traffic problems in their neighborhoods and create a neighborhood traffic plan that consists of solutions that are acceptable and appropriate.

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