Zoning Compliance Letter Request

A letter of request for a zoning compliance letter shall be submitted to the Community Development Department. The following items listed below are required to be submitted prior to processing the request:

Items of Information

A. Contact Information
  1. Name of Person(s)
  2. Address
  3. Telephone and Fax Number
B. Legal Description and Address of Property OR
C. Folio Number or Tax Identification Number
D. Survey of Property.

Survey shall be based on title work performed within ninety (90) days of zoning compliance letter submittal date. The information on the survey shall contain the title company, policy/commitment number, and the date it was performed. All encumbrances on the property must be reflected on the survey.

E. Provide a list of all commercial tenant names and addresses located on property, including the amount of gross square footage occupied by each tenant.
F. Payment in the form of a check payable to: City of Coral Springs in the amount of $147.60

Once all the information as stated above is received, an on-site inspection will be conducted by Staff to review compliance with the Land Development Code utilizing the attached inspection checklist. A zoning compliance letter will be drafted and delivered within approximately thirty (30) business days from the date the letter of request was received.

Attn: Senior Planner, City of Coral Springs Community Development Division
9500 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Contact Information

Phone: 954-346-1731

Email: lvicentini@coralsprings.org