Grand Opening Sign

New businesses in the City of Coral Springs are allowed to announce their Grand Opening with a banner and/or a temporary ground sign.


Step 1.Banners

One temporary grand opening banner is allowed without permit, provided that the banner is no larger than forty (40) square feet. The banner may not be displayed for longer than 14 consecutive days. The banner can only be displayed within sixty (60) calendar days from the day the business receives its occupational license. On the first day that the banner is displayed, the store manager is required mark the date on the bottom right hand corner of the banner.

Step 2.City Program

New businesses are allowed to have a temporary grand-opening ground sign. With this program, the city will install a nine-foot tall pole sign that states “Grand Opening” at the top. This sign allows for one logo and an arrow, in which the business can promote their location, on both sides of the panel. The city will work with the business on the correct location for the ground sign, considering underground utilities. The ground sign must be oriented perpendicular to the roadway.

  • The cost for the temporary ground sign is $500.
  • The ground sign will be displayed for 30 consecutive days.
  • A business must have received their business tax license within the past six months to be eligible for this program.

Grand Opening Sign Application(PDF, 108KB)