View Garbage Map and Schedule


Waste Pro processes both blue and green carts at Wheelabrator’s Waste to Energy Facility. The City receives Recycling Credits for disposal at Waste to Energy facility.

Step 1.View Schedule

  • Waste Pro collects the green cart (2) two times per week and the blue cart (1) one time per week.
  • Waste Pro picks up bulk trash and vegetative waste on your first garbage collection day of the week.


Step 2.Put out/clean up your bins

  • Both blue and green carts serve the same purpose, which is to dispose of waste.
  • Residents do not need to separate recyclables from waste. All waste gets hauled to the Waste to Energy Plant.
  • Place carts within 5 feet of the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection days.
  • Place cart with arrows facing the street.
  • All items placed in the carts should not extend above the top rim of the cart and cart lids must remain closed.
  • Carts must have a 3-foot clearance on all sides.
  • Do not place carts next to fire hydrants, mailboxes, cars or on the sidewalk