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Parking Restrictions

Commercial and recreational vehicles may not be parked in residential areas between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday. Restricted vehicles include commercial vans and trucks, motor-homes, campers, boats, trailers, utility and off-road vehicles. Exceptions are made for:

  1. Vehicles parked in a garage or carport, providing the carport screens the vehicle from view on three sides utilizing a wall, fence or hedge at least four feet in height

  2. Vehicles owned by a physically handicapped person and marked with an appropriate disabled sticker

  3. Vans or trucks weighing less than 5,000 lbs. with no commercial lettering, used only for private passengers

The website link provided will direct you to a general code information page and on that page is a tab for parking. Click the tab for an overview of parking restrictions that are also provided in the information above.

The phone number above is to the Police Non-Emergency line if you see any restrictions not being followed. For information on these restrictions or parking information, you can contact the following:

Code Compliance: (954) 344- 5964

Building Division: (954) 344-1025

Planning and Zoning Division: (954) 344-1160

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