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Junior Group Tennis Classes

All group classes run for one hour per week for four weeks with new sessions starting every five weeks.

QUICKSTART FORMAT (ages 10 & Under)
4 to 6 year old—36' court, low compression ball
(orange)—21" & 23"—racquet
7 to 8 year old—36' & 60' court, low compression
ball (orange)—23" & 25"—racquet
9 to 10 year old—60' court, low compression ball
(orange & green dot)—25"—racquet
11 to 12 year old—78' court(full size), green dot &
regular ball—25" & 27"—racquet

Class designed to introduce tennis as a fun sport.
Children learn forehands, backhands and volleys
as well as scoring and parts of the court. Quickstart
Format is used.

BEGINNER (ages 7-10 and 11-14)
Class designed to teach the proper techniques for
forehands, backhands, serves and volleys. Students
also learn rules, scoring and parts of court. Quickstart
Format is used.
BEGINNER II (ages 7-12)
Class is for students who have completed beginner
class and demonstrates ability to hit forehands
and/or backhands consistently. Students must
also know all lines, parts of court and scoring.
Recommendation by instructor is necessary to move
to this class.

For students who have learned the basic techniques
and are beginning to judge the ball and sustain a
rally from the baseline. Consistent use of the serve
is emphasized.

INTERMEDIATE (ages 9-16)
Students should be playing full court tennis,
serving consistently, and rallying with control of the
direction of their shots.

The JTA is for the more serious student as well as
the more advanced. Classes are two hours long
and include skills, drills and match play. Players are
encouraged to play Junior Team Tennis and Grand
Prix tournaments to test their skills. Students must
be able to serve and rally consistently, keep score
and understand basic doubles positions to enter
this class. The JTA is offered one, two or three days
per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 5 to 7 p.m. at
the Tennis Center. Students must attend at least two
days a week.

This is a program for students of various ability
levels. Players are placed on teams according to age
and compete against other clubs in the immediate
area on Saturday afternoon (1 p.m.). There are two
seasons that last 6 to 8 weeks (October, February).
Students must be able to serve (50 percent), keep
score and play full court doubles to play in the
12 Under and 14 Under Division. Ten & Under use
Quickstart format.

Rained out classes are always rescheduled by instructors.
Anyone missing a scheduled class can take a make up in
another class on a first come/first served basis. Instructor
cannot work with a ratio of more than 7:1.

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