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  • Departments:Parks and Recreation
  • Divisions:Parks and Recreation Fees
  • Phone:(954) 345-2200

Basketball Courts:

City recognized sports leagues (i.e. basketball, soccer, etc.):

  • Monthly permits for courts   $31.49
  • First court   $18.26
  • Each additional court   $6.38

Non-profit groups, per hour per court   $45.45

Profit groups, per hour per court   $73.67

Stadium court (includes bleachers and scoreboards):

  • Non-profit groups, per hour   $79.12
  • Profit groups, per hour   $141.33

Additional set ups in the gym other than bleachers and scoreboards (per staff person required), per hour   $38.60

Parks and recreation will determine availability for sports league usage. All the leagues should use Monday thru Thursday nights; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be left open for other activities and events. If nothing is scheduled then the leagues would be given the opportunity to use the courts.

In addition to the above staff reserves the rights to require a trash, damage deposit for any event or activity held in the gym. Minimum deposit for the court area will be ($240.74 subject to change pending certain events) and could be higher depending on the type of program or activity.

All users must provide the city with necessary insurance for their program or activity. Insurance requirements are determined by risk management.

Gymnasium meeting room rental only (non-profit groups allowed up to two meetings per month) permit fee, per meeting   $37.40

Gymnasium room rentals for other than meetings only. Activities include, but are not limited to, food (other than light refreshments), selling of items, catering, auctions, pot luck dinners:

Rental rooms (studio, activity, classroom or meeting):

  • Non-profit (full room), per hour   $25.00 | Profit (full room), per hour   $48.72
  • Non-profit (one-half room), per hour   $12.34 | Profit (one-half room), per hour   $25.00

Room set up is included in the price. Set up includes up to 10 tables and 50 chairs. Any additional setup  over 10 tables & 50 chairs an additional ($21.75) set up fee is required.

Drop in play fees:

  • Under 18 or seniors, per visit    $2.00
  • Adults (18 and over), per visit   $2.00

There will be various times during a normal week of operation that the courts will be open for drop in play, specifically after school, prior to league play. During that time we will allow children and adults to use the courts for the above fees. These are the same rates that we currently charge for the night court program at the various schools.

Rental of floor covers   $114.14

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