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Code Explorers

Code Explorers Pre-University Programs explore a variety of subjects in Engineering, Technology and Computer Science for all creative minds. The curriculum-based programs are developed by Engineers, Computer Scientists and Instructional Designers.  For more information, visit 

Open to all Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade students.

Robotics Computer Science

NEO/JR Robotics Engineering - Intro to Biomimicry

April 1 - May 20 • Mondays (Eight-Week Session)

  • NEO: 6-9 yrs old - 6 p.m. 116341 A
  • JR: 10-13yrs old - 7 p.m. 116341 A2

Learn and experiment with Biomimicry - an exciting field of robotic engineering that uses nature to develop new technology. Build remote control machine that moves sideways like a crab or a monkey that climbs trees. Students will learn the engineering behind many animals in nature and create machines that mimic these mechanical movements with a remote controlled system. A Robotic Biomimetric kit to take home.

Supply Fee: $35.00 per student


NEO/JR Aeronautical Engineering

April 2 - May 21 • Tuedays (Eight-Week Session)

  • NEO: 6-9 yrs old - 6 p.m. 116341 B
  • JR: 10-13yrs old - 7 p.m. 116341 B2

1,2,3... Blast off this spring! Students will learn and experiment with the concepts of flight, the principles of air and pressure, and develop different machines that will illustrate these concepts. A drone and rocket demonstration will be provided. An aeronautical kit to take home

Supply Fee: $20.00 per student

Location: All classes will be held at the Coral Springs Gymnasium at Mullins Park • 2501 Coral Springs Drive

Registration Instructions:

$100 registration fee is paid directly to the City of Coral Springs via online or in-person registration at the Coral Springs Gymnasium

Supply fee is paid directly to Code Explorers prior to beginning class at

(Please use the Registration Tab on that homepage to complete this step)

For more information about Code Explorers please contact: • Phone: 305-454-6515 





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