July Message from Chief Parry

Published on July 01, 2021

Clyde Parry

As July begins, we prepare to celebrate our Nation’s 245th birthday.  I believe we live in the greatest Country in the history of the World. I hope you all agree with me and help our city celebrate our Nation’s 245th birthday by coming out to Mullins Park for music, food, fun and fireworks. The festivities start at 5 P.M. and will conclude with a grand fireworks display that will begin at 9 P.M. Admission and parking are free. I hope you can join us!

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Stanley Goodman, the father of Richard Goodman. Richard was autistic and suffered with epilepsy. Because of this, he lived with his parents until he passed away at the age of 46. Stanley told me that Richard wanted acceptance and love like every other human being, however because of his Autism, Richard struggled to put a sentence together without stuttering. At times Richard was non verbal and had difficulty communicating all together. He would also have epileptic seizure from time to time. 

Richards parents wanted as normal life as possible for him but in the seventies, there was not as much understanding about Autism as there is today. This made Richard an easy target for other children who often teased and made fun of him. It was a difficult situation for Richard and his family, and they endured a lot of pain born out of ignorance and the lack of knowledge of Autism at that time.    

After Richard passed, Stanley and his wife were going through Richard’s personal items as they were cleaning out his room. In these items they discovered poems that were written my Richard. Richard, who struggled to communicate verbally, wrote beautiful poems from his heart. Richard wanted to be understood and accepted in an unaccepting world. His writings are filled with love compassion and inspiration. Stanley published Richard’s poems in a book entitled “The Unsung Poet” and uses the profit from the sale of these books to help families with autistic children. 

Our department has long recognized the struggles that persons with Autism face. We created a special needs database to better identify children, teens and young adults with cognitive delays. This information is accessible by our dispatchers who can provide it to first-responders so that they are aware of the special needs, fears and sensitivities of persons who may be missing or wandering. We are currently working on ID cards for our special needs community. We encourage all of the caregivers of special needs citizens to participate in this program by contacting Officer Hannah Rincon or Monica Vargas at (954) 346-1311. We also hope you check out the book “The Unsung Poet” which is available on Amazon. 
On June 21st members of our department helped Abe Friedman celebrate his 100th birthday. Abe is a fantastic man who comes to most of our City Commission meetings.  It was a special honor to help him celebrate this milestone. If you know of others who will be celebrating their 100th birthday, please let us know.  We would love to help them celebrate that milestone.

I am asking you all to keep the victims of the collapsed 12 story condominium in Surfside in your thoughts and prayers. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families who are struggling to deal with this tragedy. I am also praying for the safety of the members of the Coral Springs, Parkland Fire Department who have traveled to Surfside to join in the rescue efforts. May they stay safe and be successful in saving as many lives as possible. 

Lastly, I am asking all of us as we celebrate Independence Day to focus on what unites us as a country, rather than divides us. We live in the greatest country in the world where every American enjoys freedoms that many other countries suppress. Freedom is precious and fragile and it must be protected. We must always ensure that in the words of Abraham Lincoln “that our government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  I wish you all a Happy Independence Day and encourage you all to look out for each other and be safe. 

As always, if you see something suspicious or unusual in the community, you have the power to make a call and make a difference, call our non-emergency number (954) 344-1800. If you haven’t already, please connect with me on Facebook @ChiefParry. 

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