Women's History Month

We honor, appreciate and acknowledge all women in the City of Coral Springs and in our nation for their historical contributions that have led to progress forged by many generations of persistent, strong and passionate women.

Throughout the month, our city website and social media pages will highlight 5 women in our community that have been nominated by City Commissioners for their service, impact, and influence in Coral Springs. 

Claudette Bruck 

Claudette Bruck Nominated by Mayor Scott Brook, Claudette Bruck is being recognized in honor of Women’s History Month through the city’s ‘Her Story’ campaign for her advocacy with our seniors, her support of our Chamber of Commerce, and especially for her overall leadership in the City of Coral Springs.  

Bruck served as a City Commissioner for eight years, was a leader for years amongst the realtors and also worked for years as a children’s advocate as a Guardian Ad Litem.  

While serving on the City Commission, Coral Springs became the first city in the nation to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and she supported the city’s endeavors to become the first city in Florida to have interactive Facebook.  

Regarding the nominee, Mayor Brook said, “She is a community servant with a huge heart. Claudette has been unafraid to take risks and has served as a leader for years even after she termed out as a City Commissioner. Her contributions to this city are immeasurable and we are fortunate to have leaders like Claudette in our city.”  

For years, Bruck has served on the Community Chest of Coral Springs. During COVID-19, she has helped numerous families in need and has been an instrumental force within the organization. 

Vivian Suarez

woman Nominated by Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons, Vivian Suarez is being honored and recognized during Women’s History Month for her contributions to our city’s youth education.  

Suarez is the proud principal of Coral Springs High School. Under her tenure, the high school has seen an increase in pride from their athletic program to their academic accomplishments. Suarez has renewed and strengthened Coral Springs High School’s connection to the city.  

Going above and beyond to find balance in making students and teachers feel comfortable during the COVID-19 pandemic, Suarez has demonstrated how much she cares for all of faculty and students that call Coral Springs home.  

Of the nominee, Vice Mayor Simmons said, “Vivian Suarez leads with compassion, integrity, and determination to ensure students believe they can be successful. She often confronts challenges with poise in search of the best solutions. Suarez is the definition of a strong woman and any young person’s life would be much more improved with her guiding them.”  

Mary Boast


Nominated by Commissioner Shawn Cerra, Mary Boast is being recognized in the city’s ‘Her Story’ Women’s History Month Campaign for her honorable volunteer service to our community for the past 33 years.

Mary Boast Jamieson brought the Safety Town Program to the city and has served as the program’s volunteer coordinator since its inception. She has been instrumental in organizing the program from start to finish – a program that provides elementary-aged children with important and valuable lessons about safety, which can be challenging for parents to discuss on their own.

Of the nominee, Commissioner Cerra said, “Mary Boast has implemented one of the most important and valuable programs our city has to offer our residents which is our Safety Town Program. Her unwavering commitment to safety education for our youngest residents is one of the reasons that Coral Springs is the best city to live, work and raise a family.”

Lindsay Poveromo-Joly 


Nominated by Commissioner Nancy Metayer, Lindsay Poveromo has always called Coral Springs home. Though she grew up in Parkland, FL, Coral Springs is where she chose to raise her two children. As an advocate and super volunteer for local initiatives, Poveromo has always believed that meaningful change starts at home. Focused on engaging her friends, family and neighbors in the importance of voting in local elections, Lindsay has always involved her children in the process because she feels it’s critical to help youth understand how to advocate for themselves, their rights and their futures.  

Striving to do her best in her work, Lindsay says her five-year old daughter, Carmen, is a major influence in her life and career.  

Regarding her daughter, Poveromo said, “It is my dream that she, and all of the other little girls in her generation, grow up knowing only freedom and the power that exists within themselves.”  

For Poveromo, it is important to remind women and especially young girls that there is power in their voice. 

To young girls with big dreams, Poveromo would like to say, “Know your worth. Know your power. Your dreams, words and feelings are all valid and achievable. Even your wildest dreams are attainable. Never be afraid to get involved, to do the hard work to inspire real, meaningful change.” 

Commissioner Metayer, one of her children’s heroes, nominated Poveromo to be recognized for the city’s ‘Her Story’ Women’s History Month Campaign saying, “Lindsay is an overall superwoman. She embodies strength, integrity, drive and compassion. Her dedication to advocacy touches many lives globally and I am proud to call her a resident of Coral Springs.”

Joan Kohl 

woman with bird

In honor of the ‘Her Story’ Women’s History Month campaign, Commissioner Joy Carter nominated Joan Kohl to be recognized by the city for her achievements and influences in the community.  

Kohl relentlessly established the Sawgrass Nature Center in the 1990's. She kept at the city with her vision of a nature center in the city for the county, while housing all of the animals at her house and in her yard. 

Regarding the nominee, Commissioner Carter said, “Conviction mixed with passion gives way to a relentless pursuit of the dream and vision that boils inside of oneself. This accurately describes Joan in the example she set as a female leader to pursue her dream that would ultimately be for the good of all nature, animals and people.” 

Kohl continues to be an animal advocate with a consignment shop that raises funds for animal care and the influence she has had on the city will always be appreciated.