Recycled Art Contest

The City of Coral Springs hosted a virtual art contest for students to show their love for our planet using recycled materials they find around the community.

A photograph of the artwork for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is in display outside the Coral Springs Museum of Art from April 22 to April 30.

K- 2 Grade Winners

1st Place

Leonel.jpg Leonel Ly, Eagle Ridge Elementary

"I did a pencil holder. My project consists in three recycle plastic bottle that I glue together. Then, I painted them with gold paint. I added a plastic recycle handle. Finally, I added some labels per bottle. Now, I have a pencil holder with one space for my crayons, another space for my pencils and the last space for my color pencils. I did this project with the help of my Grandad."




2nd Place

arts Harshith Chopra, Eagle Ridge Elementary

"It is an amazing motivational wall hanging, made up of popsicle sticks, cardboard, shells collected from the beach, and pom-poms."




Grade 3-5 Winners

1st Place

Andrea Andrea Gonzalez Perez, Eagle Ridge Elementary  

"My art piece is a bot-car made of a milk carton, plastic lids, wooden sticks and a soap pump."






2nd Place

pencil box Isla El Chantiry, Eagle Ridge Elementary 

"I made a pencil box out of an old gift box that my mom got, I immediately got to work on my project. I sanded down the box so the paint will stick and brainstorming my ideas I found the perfect one a pencil box! If I hadn't done this it would probably go to trash and affect the environment."

3rd Place

snowman Hailey Mcmillan, Forest Hills Elementary

"This artwork is called sandman. This piece of art is made out of newspaper, peanut butter cup, sand and shells."





Grades 6-8 Winners

1st Place

fish Valini Goolcharan, Forest Glen Middle School 

"My artwork reflects both the beauty of the ocean and the ugliness that human abuse has created. I used items from my own recycle bin in my art piece. I believe that despite the damage that humans have inflicted on this planet that there is hope that its beauty and power will shine through with every person rising to protect it. Therefore, I chose the title “Hope Over Destruction”. If we continue to abuse and take advantage of this powerful resource the very thing that sustains us will eventually destroy us.

It is my duty as an inhabitant of this planet to protect it, keep our watercourses clean and to educate others on the importance of clean water in all aspects of life." 


2nd Place

Rachel.jpg Rachel Streder, Coral Springs Charter School 

"A paper bowl made out of recycled newspaper pages, can be used to hold different household items such as loose change, mail, keys, cards, etc."



3rd Place

noah.jpg Noah Turner, Atlantis Academy

"I thought I would recycle my toys and make something beautiful from it. I reused my Lego's and gathered twigs from my front yard to create an beautiful scenery of what our planet can look like if we take care of it."



Grades 9-12 Winners

1st  Place

dragonfly Maya Simunek, Dillard Center for the Arts

"Dragonfly 3D sculpture"




2nd Place

2nd place_912_Sofia Alfageme.jpg Sofia Alfageme, Coral Springs Charter School

"My artwork is inspired by futuristic architecture, made using the beauty of old and seemingly useless objects coming together. The plant life in my art is weeds found in my backyard, something nobody really pays attention to or likes at all. Using creativity and architectural tricks, I made these things cool again."




3rd Place

sun Tyler Vignola, Coral Springs Charter School

"A recycled, soda can replica of the Coral Springs logo"