Will the city disturb the trees to establish the boardwalk in the nature preserve?

No, we would put the boardwalk around any established trees.

What will the nature trail be made of?

We will be all-natural surfaces used for the elevated walking path through the nature trail.

How will noise from the fire station be buffered along the canal?

We will install a solid wall of landscape that goes from the property on the east side all the way across to shield and buffer the fire station from the neighborhood to the north

Will you relocate trees to build the Fire Station 64?

We are working with our city Forrester to start the process of pruning trees to be places in other areas throughout the park. All healthy trees will be relocated. The process for moving trees will take approximately four months.

What will happen to the dedicated benches and trees?

The benches and trees which are dedicated by families will be respectfully moved to a new location within the park.

When will the city officially start construction?

The earliest we can expect to see construction begin would be April 2021.

Will the city shut down Safety town during construction?

No, Safety Town will not shut down during construction. As part of our RFP going out for a contractor, it will include specs that must maintain operations at Safety Town. It will be the responsibility of the contractor to make Safety Town safe and operational for use. 

What will be the operational hours at the park?

Kiwanis Park, including the nature trail, will be a dawn to dusk park. There will be gates places at the entryways of the nature trail, along with security features.

Will there be updates on the website during the construction process or Social media apps?

Yes, the city will have a link on our website with construction updates for the public to view as well as on social media.

Will construction be phased to allow use of the park, or will the park be closed during construction?

The project will be phased allowing the park to remain open during construction. First, we will prepare the site, build the new fire station while starting the walking trails and the nature area. Lastly, we will start the renovation of Fire Station 64 because the Fire fighters must operate out of there until the new station is done.  

What will the playground look like?

As we enhance the nature theme of the park, the playground is going to match that nature theme. 

Will residents have to be concerned with light pollution?

No, it is within the new code that you are not allowed to raid over onto someone else’s property. The engineer will show that the lighting that is added is staying on that property.

Will the multi-use court at the community center be gated off or will the community be able to use any time?

Yes, there will be gates at the community center and the entryways of the nature trail, along with security features.

Will there be solar lighting options for all areas of park including walking paths?

Yes, we would like for most of the lighting if not all, to be powered by solar light in all areas of the park.

Will the city be moving or disrupting wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons, birds, iguanas?

No, the city does not intend to disturb or remove any wildlife.

Will this project affect my property value?

If your property is on the main street and closer to a fire station, that property value is not affected by the location of the fire station. It is only affected by the property being on a main street.

Will there be security cameras installed onsite?

Yes, the city will have cameras installed at each entrance of the gate and the gates will be locked.

Can the City take the old Fire station down instead of converting it to a Multi-generational Community Center?

No, this building was originally built as a community center. Over the years, residents have asked for more room for senior programs and activities. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to provide a much-needed multi-use space for our growing community and recreation programs.

How will the use of the multi-use court be regulated?

The different types of sports and structured games will be programmed through the Parks and Recreation Department.

What will the total distance of walking path be?

It will be the same linear feet, but the final design is not complete.

Will there be mosquito control for areas with standing water or areas with vegetation?

We are looking into options. 

How far will the plants/trees buffer along canal go beyond the perimeter of the fire station?

The landscaping along the canal is currently being designed.

Has anyone spoken to the water control district about the project and drainage for canals?

The conversation is in progress.

Can a traffic study be performed on Ramblewood Drive?

It is not required for the project. 

Are the giant red pump/pipes in front of the fire station staying there?

Yes, that’s for the fire suppression system for the building.

What will be in place to alert police / parks staff if people are in the natural area at night?

Please call the Park & Recreation Department at 954-345-2200 or if it’s after hours, call the non-emergency number at 954-344-1800. 

Can we make new walking path before the old one is taken out, so we don’t lose walking distance during construction?

No, however a portion of the walkway will remain open during construction.