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Municipal Complex

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The construction of a new 74,000 square-foot Municipal Complex and 607-space parking garage at the corner of NW 94 Avenue and Sample Road was completed in January 2018 and it will serve as a catalyst for redevelopment in the Downtown area. In conjunction with the development of the Municipal Complex, the City built a right turn lane at 94th and Sample Road to improve and enhance the transportation requirements of the new Downtown and it also replaced the water and sewer lines in the area to increase capacity.

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Project Timeline

Fiscal Year 2018
Construction of the new City Hall and parking garage was completed and City operations moved to the new building. The old City Hall building was demolished.

Fiscal Year 2017
Construction progressed on budget and on schedule

Fiscal Year 2016
The final construction documents were completed and bids from four contractors were received. Kaufman Lynn Construction was awarded the bid and the Municipal Complex groundbreaking took place.

Fiscal Year 2015
The conceptual design progressed into a schematic design, then into the design development phase. The Commission decided to increase the size of the garage to 607 spaces to support commercial development of the adjacent city-owned site, known as Parcel II. The CRA and the selected Developer will assist with the cost of the additional parking spaces.

Fiscal Year 2014
The City and the CRA proceeded with the process of selling and transferring the CRA owned 2.84 acres of property to the City. The City selected Song & Associates to design the architectural and engineering elements of the complex and hired an in-house construction project manager to shepherd the project.

Fiscal Year 2013
The City and CRA asked the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to convene a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to provide advice on the redevelopment of the University – Sample area. Among the TAP recommendations is to move ahead with a municipal complex on the CRA-owned parcel on the southeast corner of the University/Sample intersection to further establish this area as the heart of Downtown Coral Springs and to instill confidence for private sector investment.


Old City Hall History

The old City Hall (North) was built in 1966. Since it was originally built as a real estate sales center, it was not designed to serve as a municipal complex. The City moved its operation to the site in 1976 and was intended as a temporary location. The facility was outdated and functionally obsolete. Among its many deficiencies included a lack of energy efficiency, did not meet many modern ADA accessibility standards, significant security and life safety limitations, was not hurricane-resistant, and lacked sufficient parking and public meeting space. In short, the current structure could not service the needs of the community. For example, the City Commission Chambers could only accommodate 37 visitors which is wholly inadequate for a city with 125,000 residents.

A 2007 study concluded that to accommodate the City's operational needs for the next 25 years as well as to consolidate its operation into a single site, a structure of at least 65,000 square feet would be needed or roughly double the size of the old City Hall structure. In addition, 250 parking spaces would be needed. After completion of the new City Hall in 2018, the old City Hall was demolished and it is going to be sold or leased for the development of a mixed-use project.


Pre-Construction Reports Old City Hall Demolished June 2018 & new City Hall on right.

City Hall Condition Report
Coral Springs Tap/ULI Report
CRA Downtown/City Hall TAP/ULI
Community Forum Report
Programming & Conceptual Design
CRA Master Plan
Parking Update

Old City Hall Demo