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The United States Conference of Mayors National Dollar Wise Campaign focuses on financial education for adults and now, the Dollar Wise Summer Youth Campaign encourages and promotes fiscal literacy for young people. The campaign aims to instill in youths conscientious habits and attitudes toward money and equip them with financial management skills. Because you're never too young to become Dollar Wise, click here for previous articles from the City on positive spending, saving, budgeting and borrowing practices.

What is all this financial legislation anyway?
President Obama has signed legislation aimed at stemming the current economic crisis. But what exactly does it all mean to consumers? Here is a brief summary of some of the finance-related legislation from the federal government. More...
Student Loans
In these challenging economic times, more students are looking to alternative sources of income to fund their education, including student loans. There are many types of loans available and each can impact your financial future, so make sure to learn about what kind of loan you are receiving and the terms of payback. More...
What "The Fed"
We all hear about The Fed, or Fed Chairman, but what is this banking body and what does it do? More...
What is an IRA and how can it help me save for retirement?
An Individual Retirement Account is a personal savings plan that serves as an investment vehicle geared toward retirement savings. There are several types of IRAs, including Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE and SEP. More...
How to invest during a recession
Most Americans have felt the effects of this current recession, whether it is job loss, a fruitless job market, or the difficulty of trying to make ends meet. So what can you do to secure your financial future? More...
There’s a lot to learn about money
This month, learn how to make informed decisions about managing your money. The first step is taking charge. Regardless of your income, it’s wise to look for information on how to manage your finances, along with learning how to budget, save and use credit shrewdly. More...
What does FDIC mean?
Pulling up to your bank’s drive-thru window or walking up to a teller, you might see a sign saying the bank is FDIC insured. But what is the FDIC and what does that mean? More...
Purchase options for consumers
When you make a purchase, there are lots of payment options to consider. Here are the pros and cons to each: More...
How to improve your personal credit scores
Personal credit rating is the only impression many credit lenders get prior to giving a line of credit. If your credit rating isn’t high enough, chances are you won’t be getting the loans you want or, more importantly, need. Building a personal credit rating takes time. More...
Are you a potential victim of Identity Theft?
Thieves are now generally focused on stealing your identity instead of your cash. Most of us have either already fallen victim or know someone who has. This holiday season, the City wants to remind its residents of ways they can avoid identity theft. More...


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