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How to improve your personal credit scores

Personal credit rating is the only impression many credit lenders get prior to giving a line of credit. If your credit rating isn’t high enough, chances are you won’t be getting the loans you want or, more importantly, need. Building a personal credit rating takes time. From the time that you sign for your first credit card to where you are today, every move you have made in the financial market has been recorded on your credit rating.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your credit rating is to get a copy of your credit reports and verify that the information provided there is correct. It is estimated that 80 percent of credit reports contain some errors on them. Therefore, it is up to you to do so, or the errors will remain on your credit report for years to come.

Pulling a credit report for yourself is easy to do. Each of the three large credit reporting agencies provides you with a copy of the credit report they have for you without cost one time per year. The three large agencies are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

Look for the following errors:

  • Credit accounts that you do not have.
  • Accounts that are reported incorrectly, such as being late when you know they were paid on time.
  • Accounts that are missing information.
  • Mistakes in balances, credit limits.
  • Collection accounts.
  • Inquiries (people who have checked your credit score) without permission to do so.
  • Reports that are older than 7 years old, except for bankruptcies and foreclosures which remain on your report for up to ten years.

Anything you find on your credit report that you do not feel is accurate should be reported to the agency since it is affecting your personal credit rating. To report any errors on your credit report, follow the instructions provided by the credit reporting agency.

To build a good credit personal credit rating, remember to pay bills on time, keep your credit lines lower than the balances and verify your credit report at least once a year.

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